Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model

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  1. Paulo Renato de Freitas
    Marital Status:
    Address: Rua Frei Evaristo 64 fit 803 Florianópolis-SC Centre CEP: 88015-410
    Nationality: Brazilian Birthplace: Goiânia-GO
    Date of birth: 04/17/1987 Telephone: (48) 96035653 (sms) / (48) 99164416 (message with Renato Cani)
    Instagram: @ renato.paulo.315
    Height / Weight: 1.76M / 63kg
    Presentation: I seek work as an actor, model and mannequin. I am deaf, I communicate by LBS and also by lip reading. I have extensive experience as a model, dummy and Professor walkway since 2002 working in the area. Artist own record and DRT card. Currently study Fashion Design and Letters-Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). I have good relationships, ease of dealing with people. My dream is to open a modeling agency for the deaf models.

    Qualification and Experience

    • Course Model / Dummy (CH 42h) Global Models in Brazil (Goiania, 2011)
    • Winner Agittus Designer Contest, in container full form for boxes and wrappers (Brasilia, 2009)
    • Course of Progress, Posture and walkway at the School Claudeth Fernandes (Goiânia, 2008)
    • Catwalk Professor at the School Claudeth Fernandes (Goiânia, 2009)
    • Member of the Committee on Styling Contest Miss Deaf Brazil (Fortaleza, 2013)
    • Reporting in the Journal Style DM (n. 15 Aug / 2006) on my work as a designer
    • Model for parades of Fashion Week.
    My life story very fashion good thing work. I started 15 years since the model and make course book and catwalk photography. I have now graduated certificate. Now I Portfolio DRT. I am dreaming to be an actor. Important and deaf culture. I study college design course fashion. Also study in college UFSC the course: letters-pounds. I have to program and magazine and TV on’m deaf thing I am able gift love fashion. Important need to deaf culture to global soap opera lacked deaf where is nothing shows p deaf because the novel? In Brazil deaf is capable models. I am dreaming to own the agency deaf models. Purpose communication pounds teaches class models. I like to do everything fashion, arts and my guys expression. I love actor, but people do not call attention entrepreneur and employment. And I am very hard to fight p p project shows important deaf culture. I love doing class and pounds and treatment changes ethical models council children and poor people and rich and also no prejudice races need not strange. It is important to love union in need respect. I want to work actor, model, TV deaf culture.

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